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Online Donation Form
The GiveDirect online donation form is a benefit of membership in Independent Charities of America or Local Independent Charities of America. The following privacy policy applies to the information collected by GiveDirect, and is not the privacy policy of the individual charity using this form.

Online Personal and Family Foundation
The following privacy policy applies to all information collected by Independent Charities of America for the Online Personal and Family Foundations.

Privacy & Security

Privacy Policy

Information We Collect About You
In order to process your donation or foundation account, we collect and store the following personal information, where applicable:
*   Name
*   Email Address
*   Mailing/Billing Address
*   Credit Card (Account #, Type, Expiration, CSC)
*   Charity Name to which you are contributing
*   Amount of donation or foundation deposit
*   User ID / PW (for foundation holders only)

We also collect information on the dates and times you visit our site and your browser type and IP address. We use the browser type for web page development purposes. We use the IP address for fraud protection purposes. No other information is collected.

Ways Information About You is Collected
We collect information when you complete the different online forms throughout the donation or foundation account process.

We do not use cookies on this web site.

Ways Information About You is Used
We use personal information to complete donations and foundation deposits. Specifically, if you contribute using a credit card, that information will be collected for processing purposes. Your personal information will be passed on to the charity for acknowledgement purposes.

In addition, the information we collect is used as the basis of an email receipt sent to you after your donation is processed. We may also use this information to help respond to your inquiries.

What Information About You is Shared
Your personal information and donation amount is shared with the charity you select.

No information is shared with third parties by selling, giving, trading or any other method. Users of this site will not receive unsolicited contact from third parties.

Web Site Security

Site Certification
Every secure page on our website has been secured with a digital SSL certificate. This is shown via the "site certificate" that is resident on the bottom of each page of the secure form. To view this certificate, click on the image or the closed lock or the solid key on the bottom bar of your browser window. A small frame displaying site security information will appear.

Protection of Information Being Transmitted
All information collected by GiveDirect, such as name, address and credit card, is securely stored. We take many measures to protect the confidentiality and security of your information while it is stored, including:
*   Utilizing firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to the stored information.
*   Housing internal computer systems in a highly secure building to provide additional protection against unauthorized access and changes to stored information.
*   Restricting access to stored information to only those employees who are involved in processing transactions or at your request.

We use encryption technology to ensure the safe transmission of your information.

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