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In honor of our Program Director, Naima Dido, we've launched the Powerful Women's Garden Fund. Naima describes it this way:


Imagine that your one dream every day is finding enough food to feed your children, and your biggest fear is that your children will also be trapped in the same vicious cycle of poverty that is your life. This is the reality for many women around the world.  It doesn’t have to be this way. My mother, a woman who has never held a pencil in her life, had a dream of educating me.  And so, I became the first woman in my family to learn the power of literacy. Beyond the abilities to read and write for myself, my educational opportunities have empowered me to take control over my mind and body, to know that I can mold my life and my future into whatever I wish. I know from experience that when societies don't value girls and their futures, entire communities suffer and generations are mired in poverty.  I am one of the lucky ones.


In our Women’s Empowerment projects, we partner with women-led organizations and support groups who have taken their suffering and turned it into something positive. They are community workers, community educators, revolutionaries. Like myself, they do not see themselves as victims, but the reason for a change. We are proof that empowering women and girls can change the world, and contribute to our common future.


In environments where women face childhood marriage, lifelong effects of genital mutilation (FGM), abuse, and lack of control of economic resources, it can be hard for seed alone to make the kind of life-transforming difference that SPI strives for. The right leaders can nourish social change that emerges hand-in-hand with economic empowerment, as the one issue reinforces the other in a positive cycle. With our partners, we are turning gardens into not only bountiful sources of nutritious food, but also spaces that provide support for women and girls' empowerment in a culturally appropriate way.


So, our goal today is to find a few special donors willing to invest in the deeper work of supporting visionary local women leaders, striving for change in and out of the garden.


Will you make that investment?


Please donate now to aid SPI's work in empowering women and fighting hunger, two ways to overcome poverty all over the world.

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