HealthPoint is on the front lines of the coronavirus (COVID-19) public health crisis. As a trusted leader in community health care, we feel it is vital to keep our community partners updated and informed. We all have an important role to play to support the health of our community during these challenging times. HealthPoint is committed to keeping you updated on the work we are doing to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

How you can help HealthPoint and Community Health Centers

Advocate: Wednesday, March 18 was a Day of Action for Community Health Centers. CHCs are on the front lines of this pandemic, but Congress has still not passed long-term, stable funding for CHCs. Visit to send messages to your legislators. It’s more crucial than ever.

Donate: Make a donation to HealthPoint or another CHC in your community. These donations will help us cover the costs of fighting this outbreak including funding additional staffing hours as needed. 

Educate: Stay informed: HealthPoint news & coronavirus resources page. Public Health Seattle & King County.

What we’re doing at HealthPoint

We are working very closely with State and County Public Health officials to use best practices and coordinate resources to protect patients and provide great care.

Testing: We have begun limited testing of patients and staff that have presented with symptoms consistent with the coronavirus (COVID-19). Tests are being done in our clinic parking lots with trained medical personnel. As tests become more readily available, we plan to expand our testing to more clinics.

Staffing: As needed, staff are being deployed and strategically re-assigned to the most urgent needs. Patient care continues to be our top priority. As the virus spreads, we know we will need to align to the realities on the ground.

Supplies: HealthPoint, and all medical facilities, are using more medical supplies, especially protective gear. Our expenses for these items may more than double for this year, which was not anticipated in our 2020 budget. Specific needed supplies are still being determined, and we will update you as those details become available. 

HealthPoint is incredibly proud of our staff for rising to the challenges of this COVID-19 outbreak; showing exemplary dedication and teamwork during this rapidly changing health crisis. We are doing our best to prepare for what is next, and encourage everyone to stay positive and safe. 

Finally, thank you for your continued support and vigilance in the face of the largest public health crisis in our lifetime.

Yours in Health,

Chris Cooper

Director of Development

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