At USA Weightlifting, we believe our sport transcends all and that Weightlifting has a place for everyone. For the second consecutive year, USA Weightlifting is celebrating Pride and raising money for our Diversity & Inclusion Fund. The fund offers scholarships to members to offset costs of traveling and entering USA Weightlifting National competitions and coaching education courses.

This year, we have new gifts for those who give to our Diversity & Inclusion fund. This year’s stickers are die-cut into the USA Weightlifting shield and are vinyl backed for better durability. We’re also offering socks embroidered with the USAW Pride logo, so you can show your Pride anywhere you go.

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USA Weightlifting Sticker - $10

USA Weightlifting Luggage Tag - $10

USA Weightlifting Pride Socks - $25

Socks AND Sticker combo pack - $30

Luggage Tag AND Sticker AND Socks combo pack - $35


5 Sticker Multi Pack - $40

5 Sock Multi Pack - $100

10 Sticker Multi Pack - $75

10 Sock Multi Pack - $200

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